Sunday, July 5, 2009

Jack's Birthday

In true form, I forgot to charge the batteries to my camera so there's not many pics. I was so busy doing 50 million things that I didn't put a whole lot of energy into Jack's "party" anyways. We just had family come over and my aunt baked his cake (since we don't have a working stove yet). It was a good day, even without a badly created character cake :)Jack enjoyed blowing his #2 candle out and Noah promptly snatched it and took a bite out of it afterwards. He then declared that the "tweny-two" cake was "nassy" and refused to eat the real thing LOL Once he saw Jack's presents, Noah also declared that HE was in fact 2 and Jack was 3. Obviously hoping that he could pull one over us all and get all of Jacks trucks. He is just too darn smart.

And yes, Jack also received tons of trucks for his birthday. I've pretty much given up on trying to buy them - or convince other people - to buy anything else, because they are just.not.interested. My grandparents did get Jack a super cute Elmo mailbox that they played with all day though - I was really surprised. They mailed their new cars and trucks, of course.

Even though it was Jack's party, Noah got in on all the action too and, thankfully, Jack was willing to share all his toys.

Jack finally wore himself out and fell asleep on Grammy's gift.
All in all, it was a nice, relaxing day.

Which would have been absoloiutely perfect if I had not washed my cell phone *sigh*