Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Next time you destroy your phone...

Next time you destroy your phone...think twice before driving in to the nearest brick and motor for a replacement.

I drove 30 minutes to my nearest Alltel store to claim my phone - the only reason I even left the house yesterday - I was greeted ("welcome to Verizon"...oooookay, the sign says Alltel, but whateva), and after I explained what I was there for, I was given a Post-It note with a website on it.

You have got to be kidding me.

I just spent an hour, round-trip, expecting to replace my phone and instead get a Post-It note.

Not cool.

Apparently Alltel switched over to internet claims for their cell phones and didn't actually send notices out to their customers.


I wonder how many people will be driving in to their store, expecting to get their phone replaced, and instead find out that they have to drive back home, enter a claim online and then wait a day for their phone to be shipped. Gah.

The process was pretty easy, I'm a hermit so I prefer it, but I'm more than a little upset that I didn't get any notice about this change. I'm upset that I wasted gas money, that I don't have, to get a new phone, which I didn't get.

If you have a cell phone, and need to put a claim in, you'd better check phoneclaim.com FIRST. There were alot of cell providers on there. It looks like everyone is switching to this and I'm curious...

Did your cell provider notify you???


Angela said...

I'd complain about the inconvenience, you may get a small discount for something to make up for it.