Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Counting the Cost

"Compared to eternity, it doesn't matter"

This is a phrase I've heard from my mother's mouth since I was old enough to actually listen to what was coming out of it :) and really, I never really listened or understood it even then.

Normally she'd say this when us siblings were fighting over the good chair on movie night, the toy that so-and-so stole or the last piece of pizza.

And really? We were normally alot more concerned with winning in the here-and-now than the hereafter. I mean, that last slice of pizza was here, now and we wanted it. Eternity was...later. When we were old. It wasn't happening for a long time and we didn't even think about what the heck she was talking about. All of us would roll our eyes on keep on with the battle.

And, up until last night, I never truly understood what Mom meant when she would hold up our selfish desires with the promise of Heaven. I still don't think I can give a good definition or explanation of that sentence, but I experienced it last night.

I was faced with a decision.

I could choose to outright defy something I knew God had instructed me not to do (and gain something I've always wanted, never actually obtained) or I could choose to deny my flesh and choose the higher road (and loose it, obviously).

In this particular situation, I had always chosen the instant gratification, no contest. Never even a second thought was given to God's preference, I'm ashamed to say.

But, lately, God's really been dealing with me on this issue and yesterday, when the choice was presented, it was amazing how clearly I could hold up the two choices and compare them.

And for the first time ever I looked at the wrong choice and just knew that, much as I wanted it, it wasn't worth it. It was so insignificant compared to my relationship with God and I wasn't about to mess up what I had with Him.

Compared to Eternity, it really wasn't worth it.

It was, amazing.

And I told you I wouldn't give this experience justice LOL


Kristie said...

That phrase really makes you think. If I grew up hearing it, I may never have really thought about it either, but it really applies to all sorts of things that we are faced with every day...or I'm thinking way too hard about it! LOL! Seriously, though, thanks for sharing. I'll have to remember that next time I'm faced with doing something that would be going against God's will for me. Great post! :-)