Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Fat Loser: Getting back on track

Well, I'd love to say I've been rocking the exercise and healthy eating, but as soon as you opened my fridge and saw the 12-packs of pop and and the ice cream in the freezer...you'd know LOL

The good news is, I still fit in my size 14 jeans! Thankfully, I've been able to control how much of the junk food I've been eating, so that's really helped.

I have been making small changes to my diet though and I've been keeping my portion sizes...reasonable. With no seconds on anything except the fruits and veggies.

One thing I've really made an effort to do, with me and the boys, is to include alot more fruits and veggies. And, surprisingly it's gone over alot better than I expected! We've been eating alot of rice with veggies thrown in for our dinners lately and I was shocked when Noah actually asked for "white rice and peas" for breakfast the other day LOL. I've been making sure to have fruit around for their breakfasts and I've been keeping carrots, cucumbers and green peppers around for me to crunch on instead of chips. I've also purchased sunflower seeds and almonds w/sea salt to help with the munchies as well.

I've been reading alot of Musings of a Housewife's posts about eating foods in their natural state as well. She has been so helpful and encouraging to me! With little to no grocery budget, I never really thought I could afford to eat the organic stuff, but little by little I'm making changes! If you don't think you can manage to make the changes, read this post of hers, it's amazing how easy she makes it sound! LOL

Anyways, I'm planning on hopping back on the healthy bandwagon...as soon as we eat the junk in the cupboards LOL and I'm really hoping to lose another size by the end of the year!

I still haven't found an exercise that works for me 100% of the time though...I just get so bored of the same thing! And walking to the park was not as much fun as is sounded....LOL Although I still plan on doing that, at least, once a week. I need to find something that I can do at home too!


Kristie said...

You sound like you are doing awesome in the snacking area! I need to start doing better in that area...I just love to bake too much! :-)

Angela said...

You should check out Eleviv. It reduces belly fat. I've been on it 6 weeks, and I've dropped a pant size already!