Friday, September 18, 2009

I was just introduced to a great site that I'll be using TONS in the future! It's called and it is awesome!

My dad taught me to always shop around for the lowest price and, much as I love him, it's caused some problems. I can spend hours searching online for the cheapest product and then spend a couple minutes more looking for coupon codes or free shipping. And that doesn't even include all the time I spend making sure the product I'm ordering is going to work and be worth it. It's a long, unpleasant process, but not anymore! offers, not only a listing of stores that carry the product I'm looking for (and their prices!), but also a form where I can type in any question I have about that particular product and someone who owns/has used it will answer it for me!

So, for example, I want to replace my crappy Scoop phone with something better - I was considering the Blackberry Pearl (because I like how it looks, great criteria, huh?). So I went to Freshdeals and typed it in and up popped a list of all the Blackberry Pearl listings they had with their prices! I even pulled up a page with their unlocked phones (and the deals are great!). The best thing is that right at the top of the page is a form where I can ask a question about the phone. I've been wondering if the texting is un-fun with the Pearl because the keys look really small and I also can't tell if it's a Qwerty keyboard or not - now I can find out! Freshdeals makes my research so much easier! I really did not want to drive into a store that sells the Blackberry Pearl and end up deflecting a sales pitch, just to see if I like the keys! Now I don't have to!

Moms? Here's the great deal for us - they've got everything on here. That means we can look up the newest toy or sippy cup and find out if it works or not before we spend an ungodly amount of money on it! And we'll know that we're hearing the truth because our question will be answered by someone who has actually used the product! No more $17 sippy cups that leak or $30 toys that break as soon as the kids touch them!

If you're wanting to get a good deal on....whatever it is you're buying or if you've got a burning question that needs to be answered before you spend alot of money on a product - Freshdeals is the place for you!

Go! Check it out! Bookmark it!

This was a sponsored (paid) post, but please know that I still only post what I like or is of use to me and what I think you will be interested in too!