Saturday, September 26, 2009

The "lellow" bee and me

Noah got his first bee sting yesterday.

I don't know how we managed to go three years with no stings!

I now know that, Noah at least, is not allergic to bee stings.

He was more than a little disturbed that the bee "bit" him.

After two applications of the Skeeter Stick, a bag of ice and five or six tearful prayers: "Jeedus, peas touch my skin"...he was smiling again.

But, he's now terrified of flies.

Not so cool considering we live in front of cows and there are about a million flies in my house as I type *sigh*

So I bought fly paper and we go on "fly hunts" every couple of hours.

Cheap family fun.


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OctoberRain said...

Oh no! did it happen at the park? poor Noah! Glad he's feeling better though

Jessica D. said...

we sing the shew fly don't bother me song... lillie is the same, but she's never been stung by a bee.

Kristie said...

Ouch! Blake just got stung by a bumblebee a few weeks ago at his grandma's house. He tried picking it up. I don't blame him-they are kinda fluffy and cute-LOL! That was his second time, though, and Morgan has been stung once when she was 1. No fun-I flipped out for each of their firsts!

We've had a ton of flies too. I actually did a big old post about it about this time last year. It hasn't gotten as bad as it was last year yet, though, and I hope it doesn't!

lace said...

poor noah