Thursday, October 1, 2009

Defenders of the Scroll

Defenders of the Scroll
by Shiraz

About the book: Far away in the realm of Mythos, an evil entity has broken free of its prison to darken the land. However, entrusted with her father's magic scroll - the only hope for the realm - young princess Dara summons six heroes from different times and places to defend her: a hardened Roman legionnaire, a swift Japanese samurai, a mighty African warrior, a fiery Amazon archer, a spirited Shaolin monk, and a guitar-playing high school student named Alex.

Now, constantly on the run from an army of Shadow Warriors, the teens must endure perilous journeys and face frightening monsters - while trying not to fight with each other - as they struggle to find the mysterious Hall of Shadows.

From me: Loved, loved, loved! this book! It's another great fantasy book that, of course, ended in a cliffhanger. I'll for sure be buying the rest of this series when it comes out!