Friday, October 23, 2009

Friday Flicks: Monsters vs. Aliens

Monsters vs. Aliens (2009)

About the movie: The world’s most unlikely heroes are on a mission to save the Earth in DreamWorks Animation’s MONSTERS VS. ALIENS! Ginormica, Dr. Cockroach Ph.D, The Missing Link, Insectosaurous and B.O.B. Join forces to fight back when aliens attack.

From me: Surprisingly, I didn't mind this movie. The boys LOVED it - they watched it twice in a row and then, a couple of hours later, popped it in for a third viewing LOL I was pleased that Dreamworks left out alot of the adult humor that normally pops up in their animations. There was mention of boobies (B.OB. was proving that Ginormica was in fact male, he's not-so-smart) and then the incident where the alien *almost* swears, but covers with another, obvious, fill-in. The fact that I allowed the boys so many viewings lets you know that this is a pretty okay movie. I'm pretty picky about what I let them watch. Until just recently we were a Veggie Tales only home :)


Kristie said...

I'm glad to hear this was good! My brother mentioned liking it too, so with 2 good reviews we'll have to rent it! :-)