Monday, October 26, 2009

Year 3

I've heard, more than once, that the Terrible Two's are nothing compared to Year 3. Which I didn't believe, because Noah has been a little angel. ( angelic as a 3-year-old, car-loving, noise-making toddler BOY can be). I've actually really enjoyed Year 3 so far because I can actually understand the words that come out of Noah's mouth PLUS his insights into this world we live in are so interesting, and sometimes comical.

This last Saturday and today have convinced me that I need to reconsider my position on Year 3 though.

I took the boys to see Ice Age 3 Saturday morning (which they LOVED and I LOVED and you will LOVE). It was a free movie offered by our theater and the boys' first time going to a movie theater - they thought it was great! So great, in fact, that when it was time to leave - Noah outright refused. Which has happened before, but normally I can bribe him with candy or Mcdonalds or sometimes gum, if I have the "halulah" flavor (I still have no clue which kind that is, but Noah constantly asks for it in the stores!)

I know, great mom right?

Well, none of that worked this time. I ended up dragging a screaming child to my car. It was not fun. And it was outright defiant screaming too. Once I got him into the relative privacy of the car, where I knew I wouldn't be accosted by a holier-than-thou parent with 911 on speed dial, I told Noah to stop screaming or I would flick his mouth. He stopped screaming. And started yelling at me instead *sigh*

And then today, same thing. Except this time it was because I wouldn't buy him brownies at Walmart.

I can totally handle the crying if something is really wrong, but MAN this defiant "I'm gonna scream until you give in or go insane" stuff is Especially becuase you get looks if you let them scream ("spoiled little brat, that mom should control her kid!") and looks if you discipline them for screaming ("OMG - spanking is abuse - call the cops!").

I am really praying that this isn't going to become the norm around here.

What's your tips for keeping Year 3 toddlers in control, in public?

I can use all the help I can get.


Kristie said...

Girls must start sooner, because Morgan has had me wanting to pull my hair out on several occasions already. She seems to be doing better now though. The biggest problem I was having would be her running off on me...and not wanting to leave-LOL! The one time she ran off on me I really wanted to spank her, but my mom was with me and beat me to it-LOL! I ended up telling her that night that what she did wasn't good and that someone could have taken her away from us and she would never see Mommy, Daddy, Blake, Grandmas and Grandpas again. She all out balled after telling her that! (Talk about feeling like the worst mom ever!) It worked though! If she won't leave a public place when I ask, I tell her that I'm leaving (hint at never seeing us again) and then she comes. If she ever figures out that I'm full of it, though, we're in trouble again! LOL!

We went to see the free Ice Age 3 movie on Saturday too! Everyone except Blake loved it! Blake isn't too into sitting through a whole movie yet. My brother, mom and nieces were all there too-it was a really good time! :-)

Jessica D. said...

when he starts to scream or carry on in public i recommend you stop what you are doing or shoping leave your cart and leave. Head to the car and sit there until he is ready to go back in. In some cases you may not go back into the store.

One lady followed me around in Walmart the other day with her child screaming and yelling she wanted a toy and the mom just keep saying, I'm gonna take you to the bathroom and spank you! She never followed through. drove me crazy!!

Angela said...

I'm sorry this is so difficult on you. I'm sure most every mom with a NT (Neuro-Typical) child feels their kid is the worst! Be glad you know and understand why he is mad and throwing a fit. And that he understand you, even though he may not obey! When Jacob has something wrong with him, angry or feels bad or who know what else, his fits never stop. Granted, that doesn't happen often, but when it does, he is inconsolable. I remember a time when he screamed for five hours STRAIGHT til he fell asleep. I will probably deal with that the rest of my life. Noah and Jack will be trained out of this phase! There is your silver lining!