Monday, November 23, 2009

Birthday FAIL - Arby's

My birthday is this Saturday!

I'm gonna be twenty-five.

That feels so old.

I always sign up for restaurant's newsletters in hopes that they'll give me something free for my birthday.

Preferably a meal.

Most do and it gives me and my Mom a chance to go out to a nicer place to eat - alone - for a cost we can afford.

Arby's (I know, I know, it's fast food) was one of the newsletters I signed up for and my birthday gift from them arrived yesterday in my e-mail.

Except, I don't really think you can call it a gift per-say...



Offering me a free dessert if I buy a sandwich - for my birthday - is like my Mom telling me she'll pay the tax on a laptop, if I buy it. Or the nose ring, so long as I pay for the actual piercing of my nose.

"Happy birthday hunny! I love you so much!"

It just doesn't feel like a gift.

And what if I don't even like roastburgers?

So, let's sum this up. To receive my FREE! birthday dessert from Arby's I have to drive to their nearest location and pay for a sandwich that they chose for me.

Prolly not.

Thanks so much for my FREE! birthday dessert Arby's!

It's in the trash and you've just been unsubscribed from!

Too bad...because I normally give business through-out the year to the places awesome enough to truly give me a gift on my birthday.

P.S. You're $5.01 combo idea? Dumb. It didn't get me the least bit excited to be paying an extra penny, I actually felt like you were taking more money from me and justifying it. I'd rather offer you the extra penny myself than have you raise your price and tell me why you deserve it. Oh yeah, and the $0.01 off coupons I found, even dumber. Has anyone actually cut out one of those coupons and used them?


Dustin, Tiffany & Ethan said...

Wow.. That's pretty ridiculous! Try Red Robin - they give free burgers of YOUR CHOICE on your birthday! Dustin loved it. Oh, and by the way.. Happy Birthday, Alexia! :)