Sunday, November 1, 2009

Cuddling with Jesus

So, I've mention Noah's horrible fits lately. When we're at home, I always send him to the bedroom to talk to Jesus and get the devil under his feet when he starts getting hysterical.

So, last time I sent him to the bedroom he came out a couple minutes later, he still had the waterworks on, but he was holding his "Jesus book" (Bible storybook) and he asked me to help him talk to Jesus. He said he wanted Jesus to "come out of the book and into my stomach and cuddle my heart."

oh. my. gosh. I melted just a bit.

So we prayed and Noah asked Jesus to cuddle his heart and everything was fine after that!

Even though I've been dealing with horrible tantrums every now and again, I LOVE being able to hear how my three-year-old sees the world. It's amazing!


Kristie said...

That is so neat! You're such a wonderful mommy! :-)