Thursday, November 12, 2009

Presto PowerPop Microwave Popcorn Popper

I don't know about you, but I hate - and I do mean hate - microwave popcorn. It doesn't matter how much "extra butter" or "theater butter" they load into those bags, the popcorn still tastes nasty. The only kind of microwave popcorn I will eat is Kettle Corn - and that's pushing it.

Anyways, normally I make my popcorn on the stove, but I don't make it too often because there's alot of clean-up involved. I'm not a huge fan of washing pots & pans. Plus, I'm not very patient and stove-top popcorn takes a little bit of time to pop.

So, I was actually looking at my local Walmart a couple months ago for a popcorn pan, that Musings of a Housewife had bought and liked, when I ran across the Presto PowerPop. It looked interesting and I thought about buying it, but passed. I was concerned that it wouldn't actually work and I would have just flushed $16 down the toilet. You know most of these gimmicks never actually work like they are supposed to.

Well, after I attempted another stove-top popcorn cooking session (one where I had burnt popcorn and still quite a few uncooked kernels), I went out and bought the PowerPop. I figured it couldn't be any worse than what I had managed.

I was pleasantly surprised!

I popped in one of the PowerPop Concentrators, 2 Tbsp. of oil, 1/3 cup of popcorn kernels and some Sea Salt. Lid on and into the microwave it went - 3 1/2 minutes later I had popcorn! It was easy-peasy and the popcorn tasted good too!

I'm pretty sure I've eaten popcorn more in the last week with the PowerPop than in the last YEAR with the stove! It's that easy! And a simple, healthy snack now for the boys and I!

Negatives: The only thing that's not so great is the concentrators. Well, they are great, it's just that if you use oil or butter while popping, you are supposed to wipe the bowl out afterward and I'm not comfortable with how, not, clean it gets when I use oil. The concentrators are kinda like the sleeves that Hot Pockets are slid into so you can't really get them wet and it's a little tricky to pop them back out of the bowl. I haven't used butter yet though and that might make a difference in how messy the bowl gets. The instructions say the concentrators can be re-used up to 12 times (a couple less if you are using oil). Which is GREAT! But I'm thinking that you either need to use alot less oil or just add your flavor later to keep the bowl clean. Now, if you wipe it out right away, and I do mean right away, you can get it fairly clean, but still...I like me a little soap and water :)

BUY IT: The Presto PowerPop can be bought at Walmart for $16.98

Disclosure: I bought the Presto PowerPop, I liked it, I decided to share my awesome new find with all of you. I was not compensated in any way, shape or form for this review. I do not use affiliate links.


lionstar0803 said...

Hi I just wanted to tell you that if you take the concenrator out of the bowl you CAN wash the bowl.. it's just the base and the concentrator that can't be immersed.. I have had one of these poppers for years and love it.. I just passed it on to a friend... so she will make me tons of home made caramel corn,,