Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Christmas with a Crappy Camera

Okay, this is the second year in a row where I didn't take pics of all the excitement and it's because my camera sucks. Big time. If I use the flash, all the colors look funky and if I don't use flash the camera claims there's not enough light (no matter how much light is in the room) and all my pictures come out blurry. And those are my only options. It's so aggravating!

I managed to get a couple pictures that are close to being in focus and I really wanted to share my boys' favorite presents with you, so here goes!

I actually thought ahead this Christmas and spent hours online finding the best deals and the perfect combo of Thomas the Train Wooden Railway tracks and trains and accessories. Unfortunately for me, Noah caught sight of the trains when they came in the mail, 3 months ago, and never forgot about them.

The good thing is, it didn't ruin his excitement on Christmas morning when he walked into Grammy's house and saw it set up - he had asked about Thomas Train every.single.day and was very excited that I was finally going to let him play with them! LOL
Of course, my perfect combo of Thomas stuff didn't turn out to be so perfect, I've got a bridge they can't use because I bought the wrong risers and I guess they can only have an oval track or a figure 8 because I don't have the right connectors to make the awesome complicated track at Barnes & Noble, oh well.

The other gift they received that is oh so very popular is a toddler-sized quad that runs on batteries.Noah was one happy camper. He basically claimed the quad and allowed Jack to hop on the back. Which Jack was okay with because, most of the time, he was occupied with hooking up all 12 of the trains and driving them around the tracks.

And I was given the gift I coveted most this year: Peace and Quiet. 2 DAYS of it!

Well, minus the incident where Noah decided that he wanted to play with the train track and Jack wouldn't give him any trains. Noah was sitting on the Quad and he looked Jack in the eye and said,
"If you don't share your trains I will QUAD your tracks!"

Jack didn't share.

Noah did indeed "Quad" his tracks.

Much crying and gnashing of teeth ensued.

The boys were a little upset as well.

repaired the quad...ed tracks, split the trains in half and peace reigned once again.

Look at him, he always manages to look so stinkin' angelic...So, it was a good Christmas over here, despite the quad...ing of tracks and crappy camera.
I hope your Christmas went just as great!


Kristie said...

That's a bummer about your camera. I hope you are able to get a better one soon. I couldn't imagine being without one.

Noah and Jack remind me so much of how Morgan and Blake are when they fight. It's so good to know that my kids aren't the only ones! LOL!

Jessica D. said...

despite the crappy camera, photos are great to look back on 10 years from now! Crappy or not :D