Tuesday, December 1, 2009

The Water Challenge

I drink alot of pop.


That's more than my fair share of sugar and prolly explains why I can't loose the weight I want to.

So, I've decided to cut my pop intake by 98%.

I actually just threw that percentage out there. I have no clue what it means :)

I guess it makes more sense to say 98% of my liquid intake is going to be water.

Wish me luck.

I don't like water.

Although I've found that when it's ice cold I can handle it.

I started knocking out pop last week and have survived so far, but don't plan on getting all Nazi about it until the New Year.

I've found that slow weans are better than cold turkey :)

I've gotta find some good water bottles though because I'm not a huge fan of "recycling" the plastic water bottles I have on hand.

This is the part where all the companies with water bottles offer them to me for my review ;)


Rhonda said...

Good for you!!!! Yes, it will help you lose weight if you don't pick up another habit that would sabatoge the effort.

I will be Diet Coke free (any pop) for 2 years in January! You can do it. I drink tea every now and then, but water is my drink of choice. I was like you a drank way too much.

Coke or diet is known to cause more cravings! Good luck! YOU CAN DO IT!

Salena Lynn said...

Try putting chunks of fruit in your water. Gives it good flavor so you don't feel like your just drinking water.

Angela said...

Target has this water bottle that is 24 oz. And it has this counter thing to keep track of how many bottles you drank. When you finish one, you move it over to two, and you know you're on your second bottle for the day. I loved this when I was pregnant, bc I needed to make sure I got my water in. But I couldn't remember how many times I refilled, so I didn't know if I was getting enough. All I had to do was remember to switch the number when I refilled. It has a lid that flips open, and it spillproof when closed! You'll find them back in sporting goods. I think they were between $10 and $20 at the time.