Monday, December 28, 2009

What Got Lost?

Maybe it's just me, but does it seem like the real meaning of Christmas is getting lost in all the getting?

I mean, I know that there are some people who don't *seem* like they put much thought into your gift, but when did it become socially acceptable to return those gifts for something you do like? Or to complain about them?

I've seen questions and read stories all over the internet about what people's worst gift was...this year, this just seems so ungrateful to me.

When did we lose the true spirit of Christmas.

When did we forget the true REASON for Christmas?

We should always be grateful that someone thought enough about us to give us something, whether we like it or not. Who cares if it was purchased at Goodwill, pulled out of a closet or poorly chosen. The point is that someone cares about YOU.

As children, we were always taught to say thank you, no matter what we received. It didn't matter if we liked it or not. The best example of this, in my family, is one year when an older family friend bought us all gifts (we were little - 6, 7, 8? something like that) and accidentally mixed up my brother's label with one of my sister's. Which mean that the sister got a package of matchbox cars and he got, a doll. You should have seen his face when he got the first glimpse of that doll....but he quickly gathered himself looked up at the family friend with a smile on his face and said "thank you!".

Of course, she knew right away that the packages had gotten switched and quickly fixed the situation, but that story has always been a reminder to me that having a grateful heart is so very important.

It's all about being content, no matter the circumstances.

If you're not content, than opening gifts turns into a greedy, selfish free-for-all and, when the dust settles and you've returned all your gifts for better ones, you still won't be happy with what you received. And you probably hurt the feelings of the person who took the time to get you that gift too.

It's always the thought that counts.

It's always been about what's in the heart of the giver.

It's always been about what was GIVEN that first Christmas.

A baby didn't seem like much of a gift that first Christmas, but it's about what GOD gave up for us. (his Son, can you imagine?)

And look how that Gift turned out.