Monday, January 18, 2010


Well, I've taken my sweet time posting about the Haiti earthquake because I didn't really want to be a voice in the masses. And I really didn't have any words...I've been listening to Michigan Radio every night while driving to and from work and have been in tears through each news story and interview that is broadcasted. My heart just breaks for all of the people lost and for the grief loved ones are going through right now. I wish, so bad, that I could just hop a plane, fly to Haiti, and get my hands dirty helping people. Listening to the stories just aren't enough for me - I want to BE there.

I've been praying for every person mentioned in the news reports and I believe that my prayers are being answered!

One interview I listened to was with a lady named Dixie who runs an orphanage, God's Littlest Angels in Haiti. Thankfully, none of the children were injured in the quake and their building is still intact, but many of the workers suffered losses and they are, of course, having problems obtaining food and water for their children. They've also been trying to get the children that were already approved for adoption to their adoptive parents (in other countries) where they can be properly cared for and to make room for the newly orphaned children who will surely be showing up.

I've been praying for the Littlest Angels situation for a couple days now and was excited to see, on their website, that the Haitian government is allowing the adopted children to go to their adoptive parents! And they have not run out of food or water for the remaining children yet - praise God! I'm still keeping this orphanage in my prayers and have become a faithful reader of Dixie's blog and a viewer of their pictures. I wish I could be down there helping with all of those sweet children.

In the mean-time, I think I'll be donating to their earthquake relief fund. I know that there are tons of different funds being set up to help the people in Haiti, but I've always been one to donate toward a very specific group so I can see the difference it makes. Plus, my heart has always been for children so this is the perfect place for my money to go.

If you haven't donated to a Haitian relief fund yet, please don't wait any longer - the people of Haiti have so little and we have so much. Please be wary of scams and make sure to double-check whatever charity you decide to support to make sure that they really are putting the money toward the people of Haiti.

Here is a list of highly-rated charities that are providing specific needs to Haiti.