Saturday, January 23, 2010

Life thru a Toddler's Eye: Drive me Crazy

Noah's comment after I tell him to stop dumping his cake into his cup of milk:

"yer driving me nervous!"

I've also heard, "yer driving me nuts", but I drive him nervous more than anything else lately, I've heard it multiple times this week LOL


Denise Burks said...

VERY CUTE! I hope you hang on to that little phrase. We have several but right now the big one is "Stop Mimicating Me!" (The merging of mimic and immitating.) Another is "Bahungus." (The merging of big and humungous.) Or how about Pasghetti. (The merging of pasta and spaghetti.)

Everyone gets the biggest giggle out of our own little family vernaculars.

Hey! You've actually saved it by putting it out here! Kudos on adding to your family album (also known as your blog.)

April said...

I love the way kids have their own special way of saying things! :D