Sunday, January 10, 2010

There's a First Time for Everything...

I made salmon patties tonight. First time ever that I've opened a can of salmon and actually made the patties myself.

Have you ever seen canned salmon? Basically all they do is cut the salmon's head and tail off, chop it into four pieces and cram it into a can. That leaves the silver, slimy skin for me to rub off with my finger and two, count it, two chunks of spine with millions of little slivers of rib-like bones branching off from that. And the spine doesn't just peel out either, oh no! It comes off in little round circle pieces. Oh, and did I mention the appetite-killing brown...meat that's under the skin? Gag a maggot. I'm surprised I could eat the salmon after I scraped and pulled all of that nasty stuff off. Isn't canned food made to open and eat?

Believe it or not, I did manage to enjoy the salmon, despite the disgusting prep.

I still have three cans of salmon left, but before I eat them I need to find someone who will de-skin and de-bone them for me.

Any takers?


Kristie said...

LOL! That is SO funny! Rich grew up with his family making salmon patties, but I had never had them before. Anyway, about a year ago he bought a couple cans so we could have them some and I went through the EXACT same thing you did! There is still a can in the cupboard because I don't want to make them again! LOL!