Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Three Strikes and Your OUT!

We have a dog. Her name is Missie, she is a burgundy and white Brittany Spaniel and she is perfect for our household. She was already housebroken when I got her, she doesn't bark and she endures my boys very, very well. The only thing that drives me insane is that she is just as clingy as Jack is. I pretty much bought myself a third child. But her insane grin (yes, a grin) when I walk in the door kinda makes up for that.

I have to say, boys and dogs definitely go together!

Jack adores Missie. He lays on her and drags her around the house by her collar, slips her food at the dinner table and cries when Missie has enough and breaks free.

Missie tolerates Jack, but she really prefers Noah.

Noah would prefer that she leave him alone.

Just the other day I posted about Noah and Missie's "relationship" on Facebook.

Noah was sitting on the floor quietly playing and Missie walked up, tail wagging, and stuck her nose right into the middle of what Noah was doing. A flash of annoyance crossed his face and he took his elbow and shoved it into Missie's neck. Missie backed up a little bit, but two seconds later she was right back in the middle of things. She was practically in Noah's lap she wanted to play with him so bad. This time Noah made a growling sound as he elbowed Missie, a bit harder, out of the way.

She doesn't get the hint.

She just shoves her body into Noah's and sticks her face right into his.

One glance at Noah's face lets me know that he has had enough!

A frown crosses his face, a dark determination, as he reaches out with both hands and gathers handfuls of skin on the back of Missie's neck. Then, he opens his mouth and clamps his teeth down.

Yes my friends, my toddler just bit the dog.

Missie yelps and trots off to find a friendlier face and Noah returns to what he was doing, Content that Missie will leave him alone now.

I have watched this happen multiple times in the past couple of months. It's gotten to the point where I have Noah apologize to Missie and give her a hug. One time Noah even insisted that Missie apologize to HIM because she scratched him after he bit her (accidentally, when she jumped LOL).

At least I know that my children are completely safe around the dog - can't say the same for Noah....


Kristie said...

That is just too funny! I still can't believe he's okay with the hair being in his mouth-yuck!