Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Drive-Thru Entertainment

I went to Rally's drive-thru Sunday to get lunch and left ten minutes later with a smile on my face, our conversation went something like this (with my personal, unsaid opinions in italics):

ME: I'd like two kids meals with hamburgers ...

Scanning the menu: Where's the apple juice? Do they not have apple juice here? I thought they did. I really don't want the boys drinking pop.

Rally's Guy: What to drink?

ME: Do you have apple juice?

Rally's Guy: No. we have pink lemonade, fruit punch and chocolate milkshakes.

Oookayyy, how does a milkshake qualify as a replacement for apple juice??

ME: Ummmm.....let's go with the fruit punch....

More food ordering takes place...

ME: And I'd like 3 of your apple pies.

Rally's Guy: I'm sorry you can't order 3 pies.

ME: Ummm what?

Rally's Guy: Something, something, blah, blah, 2 for 1 menu, blah blah, can't order three pies.

What the heck did he just say? These dumb speakers are worthless! Why can't I just have three pies?!?!

ME: I'm sorry, I don't understand what you just said...

Rally's Guy: You can order an additional item from the something, something menu.

The what menu? Does he mean the 2 for $3 menu? There's not even apple pies on that menu.....just give me the freaking pies man!

ME: So...if I order 4 pies, will that work....?

Rally's Guy: Yep!

ME: Okay, I'll do that then.

The guy tells me my total and I pull ahead to the window.

Rally's Guy: I'm sorry there's a 6-minutes wait on the apple pies, do you still want them?

I don't really want to wait 6 minutes. But I really want an apple pie....Plus, you just went through all that hoopla to get them, you don't want that entire conversation to be wasted do you??

ME: Yes.

I pay and pull ahead to a parking space to wait for my food.

6-min. later a girl heads out with all of our food, a drink holder in one hand and 4 bags in the other (why they use so many bags, I have no clue). I roll down my window and she hands me the drinks and then transfers a couple of the bags to her other hand. During the transfer one of the bags falls to the ground. Guess which bag it was? Yep, the pies.

Rally's Girl: (expletive) I'm sorry, I'll be right back!


1 & 1/2 min. later she returns.

Rally's Girl: I'm so sorry about dropping your pies, we only had three left so I am refunding you the price of two of your apple pies.

I thank her and drive away.

I cannot be mad. Not only did I get the three pies I wanted in the first place - I also got one of them free....I just had to wait about ten minutes for them! LOL


Kristie said...

What an ordeal for 3 pies! LOL! Definitely worked out nice in the end though! LOL!