Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Fat Head

Fat Head

About the documentary: Have you seen the news stories about the obesity epidemic? Did you see Super Size Me? Then guess what? … You’ve been fed a load of bologna.

Comedian (and former health writer) Tom Naughton replies to the blame-McDonald’s crowd by losing weight on a fat-laden fast-food diet while demonstrating that nearly everything we’ve been told about obesity and healthy eating is wrong. Along with some delicious parody of Super Size Me, Naughton serves up plenty of no-bologna facts that will stun most viewers, such as: The obesity “epidemic” has been wildly exaggerated by the CDC. People the government classifies as “overweight” have longer lifespans than people classified as “normal weight.” Having low cholesterol is unhealthy. Lowfat diets can lead to depression and type II diabetes. Saturated fat doesn’t cause heart disease — but sugars, starches and processed vegetable oils do.

Watch the trailer.

From me: I've been following Musings of a Housewife's journey into natural food and she's referenced Fat Head more than once. I was finally able to get it from Netflix and I can't tell you how eye-opening it was. Actually, it was nice to finally hear someone say what I've known all along: that the government is selfish, self-serving and loaded with crap and you shouldn't believe a single word of what they say about what is and isn't good for you.

I do a very, very bad job of explaining anything Tom talks about in the movie (just ask my mom LOL), but let's just say that I have a completely new way of looking at what I should and should not be eating and solid, reasonable explanations to go along with them. It makes sense!

If you're sick of feeling sick and tired, had enough of trying to eat right and lose weight and if you want to keep your kid's healthy, than Tom's movie is for you. WATCH IT.


Disclaimer: I was not compensated in any way for this review. All opinions are my own.


Kristie said...

I remember seeing something about this a while ago. I'll have to check it out...may have to get Netflix to find it though :-)