Monday, February 22, 2010

Gaiam Stainless Steel Water Bottles

Since choosing to drink mainly water, I've been on the quest for the perfect water bottle and I wanted to share my opinons of the bottles I try with you (so only one of us is wasting money LOL).

I purchased a Gaiam Stainless Steel Water Bottle with the sports top.

I actually am not going to be too wordy, not really my style. Plus, I really don't like reading long, drawn-out reviews. I just want to know if things work or not, so that's what you'll be getting from me! :)

The good - Gaiam has cute designs for their water bottles, which is important to me. If I'm going to be drinking boring ol' water I at least want to enjoy the container it comes in. Plus, I carry it with me everywhere and I want it to look cute! I bought the Spirals design and really liked it.

Unfortunately, that's where the rave review ends.

I don't like the metal smell that the bottle gives off every time you open it, and it kinda flavors my water too. If you're into metallic-tasting water you'll be fine, but I''m not.

I also wasn't happy with the sports top at.all.

I purchased a bottle with the sports top because I didn't want to be unscrewing a longer top before being able to drink, hard to do when you're driving. The sports top doesn't work. When you pop the top it doesn't stay popped. Once you're mouth is on it, the top goes back down about halfway so you're getting a mixture of air and water when you drink. Which is the one thing I absolutely HATE about sports tops. If I'm gonna drink water, I want water! I ended up just unscrewing the top when I wanted a drink. Which works, but is not what I wanted to do.

All-in-all: the price wasn't bad, but this water bottle will end up in the back of the cupboard.


Kristie said...

I've never had a metal water bottle. I don't think I'd care for too much either, though I do like drinking pop from who knows! :-)

The water bottle my sister got me is made by Thermos. All you do is push a button and top pops up. Then there is a straight shot to the water through a hole....okay, so it's really hard to explain-LOL! Here is a link to exact one I got (color and all):

Wendy said...

Wanted to say hi. I found your site through Kristie over at Kristie's Notes! I am a fellow Michigander as well! I am in the Lansing area. I am now a follower and I am looking forward to getting to know you better. Have a great day.

grams said...

Cute bottle, but usually the paint comes off anyway, so you might as well just get a plain one. LOL I have a stainless, but don't use it very much, if you put lots of ice in it and drink it right away you don't notice the metallic taste. Let us know when you find the perfect bottle.