Tuesday, February 2, 2010

One Thing: February

My dad died when I was 12. Up to that point, my 5 siblings and I had been homeschooled. All of us lost a year of school, then we ended up in public school. I absolutely hated it. The teachers were horrible - we were graded on a curve, all the time, and I really felt like all of the teachers played favorites. The students were even worse. I've never understood teenagers, even when I was one and these teens were especially ridiculous. It was like one big popularity contest and I hated every second of every day, soooo when it came time to sign up for my Junior classes, I dropped out instead. My plan was to finish high school at home, but that went belly up. I was really bad at motivating myself and my Mom couldn't help me with Science and Math, my worst subjects. I was very overwhelmed, so I just quit. It wasn't really a conscious decision, it just happened. I found a job and moved on.

Now? I'd like to go back to school. I want to get a degree in Sign Language and I can't get that until I complete high school.

My One Thing for this month?

Finding some way to get either a high school diploma or a GED.

I'm going to have to spend some time searching online; night classes, GED classes, online classes...something. When it comes to school, I need the motivation that comes with a check-in point. I also need someone else's knowledge of math and science.

This month my goal is to find a way to complete high school and, once that way is found, to actually GO and FINISH.

I have no clue how to go about this....

Wish me luck!


Kristie said...

I had no idea that you hadn't finished school. I TOTALLY understand what you didn't like about high school-I had the same issues with school, but I had grown up with it and was accustomed to it. I can't imagine having to come into that after being homeschooled.

Okay-so funny thing-as much as I don't get into reading (and all that stuff-LOL) I LOVE science and math! If you need any help at all when you get into the classes, just let me know! And if I can't help, 2 of my best friends are actually high school teachers...one for math and the other for science and I'm sure they'd help me help you....even over the internet! :-)

Rhonda said...

That is awesome that you want to go back and complete HS! You can do it. Good luck!

I can totally relate to losing a dad, mine was at 14. It just turns your world upside down. I don't remember being home much from 14-18. Then 18, I was off to college where I did very well, better than HS. So you will do great!

Katie said...

Way to go! That is great you are looking at going back to school. Many cities have continuing education programs that allow people to get their GED's. Setting your mind towards it is the hardest step, I know you can follow through and do it!