Saturday, February 13, 2010

Sick Kids

I'm sorry I haven't posted more.

The boys have been sick.

We went from simple runny noses to hacking coughs and fevers and just when I thought we were on the other side Noah started crying every time he pee'd *sigh*

Of course, we only have emergency insurance, so the doctor is the last place we go (not like any of us would ever go even if we could LOL). So I'm learning alot about natural remedies. Between Dr. Sears and my Google searches for natural/home remedies for congestion and UTI's, I'm learning alot!

For example: Echinicea, Vitamin C and Fenugreek combat colds. Cranberry juice and Goldenseal fight UTI's by killing the bacteria in your bladder. And if you're kids are congested, have them sleep more upright than laying down, it keeps them from coughing like an insane person all night long. AND PRAY like there is no tomorrow! Jesus has kept me out of the doctor's office more times than I can count!

I haven't seen any tears from Noah this morning, so I'm hoping that we're all on the mend over here!


Kristie said...

Oh no! I hope they feel better soon!

My mom used to have us elevate our heads a bit when we had a cough to help the drainage run down-it gets stuck in your head and makes everything worse when you're laying down. I still sleep more upright if I'm sick-it really helps! :-)