Sunday, February 14, 2010

Undercover Boss: Hooters

I love Undercover Boss. It's on CBS every Sunday night at 9pm and I think it is a great premise for a reality show. What happens is the president/CEO of a big name business goes undercover at some of the low-level grunt jobs in their company to see what can't be seen from their posh boardrooms.

The first show aired after the Superbowl last week and covered Waste Management's president. It was great.

This week, Hooters.

Honestly? I thought it was ridiculous. The CEO, Coby, was really nice. His dad had actually built the business and Coby inherited it after his dad passed away. I was surprised at how completely clueless he was though.

He was really bothered that people thought his business degraded women and when a manager treated his girls like...well, like something less than a woman should be treated he was appalled. So was I. But I have to say, what the heck did he expect?!?!

Hooter's entire appeal is the fact that they take size 2 women with DDD boobs and squeeze them into the smallest, skimpiest, tightest clothes they can manage and then send them out to serve beer and wings. Really? You've already managed to set the women up to be degraded right there.

Even after hearing multiple women say that the outfits are offensive and they feel it is degrading to women, he never once considered dressing his girls. Instead Coby has decided to launch a campaign to show America that the Hooter's girls are people who go on to do great things.

Ummmm, we know that. It doesn't change the fact that taking my kids (or even just myself) to a Hooters and being served my food by a woman with boobs practically falling out of her shirt is offensive to me. If I was married, I wouldn't want my husband there either. Any place that keeps their business alive by promoting women's bodies is wrong and Hooter's is pretty much lined up right next to topless bars in my mind. Women should not have to "sell" their bodies to make a living and any man who takes advantage of that, is not really a man.

Until Hooters dresses their girls in appropriate clothing and really makes their restaurant about OWLS.....they will never get my business.


Juanita said...

Let the rambling commence! lol ok.

I actually really enjoyed watching the old Bunny clubs. That was cute. That was women knowing what they were there for. Not some strange idea that kids should appreciate having women dress in skimpy outfits. I agree he has only 2 choices.

Change the uniform
stop marketing Hooters as a family place.

Yeah I would have taken my son there. If I wanted to raise a man who places little value on a woman.

Coby is so clueless. So there it is Coby's only two choices. He does not seem to like either of them.

So he will eventually fail and his dads business will fail. Sad. His dad was probably one of those fun guys around women. And being hands on he probably looked out for things. This kid of his has none of his fathers vision. He should hire someone that does to take over the business.

And yeah. I hope to heck they go on to better things in life then booby braggers. What did he expect they go lower?

Alexia said...


I have no clue what the old bunny clubs are LOL

But your ramblings are right on - it's definitely not a family-friendly restaurant and the fact that he wants to market it as one (as is) is ridiculous.

It's too bad because I've heard the food is really good.

grams said...

I've heard that the only thing good was the wings. My brother's family took him there for his b-day and he didn't enjoy the food. So it must be something else. LOL

Kristie said...

I saw the Waste Management one too and it was good! I didn't see this one, but it doesn't surprise me that they're not planning on changing the way the girls dress. Disgusting, isn't it?