Monday, February 22, 2010

You Are What You Eat

I followed a link to the post: Picture Show: You Are What You Eat

It is pictures of people's refrigerators and freezers.

There was a snake in one person's freezer. A snake.

It was very interesting to read the captions beneath each picture, which described a little about the person, after you had seen their fridge.

So, I had a fun idea!

Go read the post, because it's interesting all on it's own and THEN grab your camera and take a picture of your fridge and/or freezer.

No arranging or cleaning out allowed!

I want to see your fridge in all it's glory!

Add a caption and link up below!

Here's mine:Janitor & Single Mom|MI|3-person household|Has no patience for cooking|2010


Kristie said...

You're so brave! I would definitely need to do some cleaning before I showed off the inside of my fridge! LOL!