Wednesday, March 31, 2010

The Least of These

Ever since reading about Kristen's African trip with Compassion International, I've felt the urge to sponsor a child of my own. Her experiences in Africa were powerful. I cried through many of her posts. I've clicked through the pictures of all the children (over 2,000!) waiting for sponsors many, many times since then. And the desire to make a difference has grown even stronger every day that has gone by.

I'm not the kind of person who over-commits her budget. I'm not rich. I don't have alot of expendable income. I have debt. I'm a single mom raising 2 toddlers (and a dog and hamsters, soon). Commiting to sponsor a child scares me. I'm worried I'll not have enough money, that I'll let that child down.

God, who can bless beyond our wildest imaginations, blessed me with a $9,000 tax return this year. I'd like to say, "what a coincidence", but we know that's not true. There's a reason He gave me such a large sum of money so soon after reading about Kristen's trip.

I've been able to pay all my debts off, support a missionary from our church who is in Honduras, donate to my church and treat all of us to special things we have been wanting (and some things we have needed). And I still have money left. God is amazing!

And I have become sure that my debts are paid off to open my budget to a child in need.

Today, I took a deep breath, searched the Compassion children and pushed the "select this child" button.

I'm nervous.

But I've put my budget in God's hands and I'm trusting that He will provide for ALL of us.
After all, sponsoring these two beautiful girls seems like a much better use of my money.
And it's not really my money anyways. It's God's.
I don't think I could explain why I bought another movie, or went to Mcdonald's again instead of pulling a child from the mire and introducing them to Jesus.
Could you?


Kris said...

so touching! I'm so proud of you and your commitment...what a great inspiration you are to all of us! I feel the great need to work on my finances now... :-)

Kristie said...

That is wonderful Alexia! The two girls you chose are blessed to have you as their sponsor! :-)

Rhonda said...

I too was so touched with Kristen's journey that we will be sponsoring a child. We are on a very tight budget with one income. However, we are trusting the Lord. He always meets our needs.

That is awesome! Don't forget the letters now!