Sunday, March 21, 2010

Linky Love for 3/21

Well, I'm *kinda* back. Mom managed to get a new desktop computer pretty quickly. I, on the other hand, am still waiting for money; so I'm making short dashes into her house to check my e-mail. All the while hoping the boys don't destroy my house (or hers, if they followed me over).

I ran across a pretty interesting blog this week, Fed Up With Lunch: the school lunch project. A teacher is eating only her school's lunches for a year and blogging each meal. We all know that school lunch wasn't the cream of the crop when we were in school, but now (coming from a parent's perspective) it looks even worse (and unhealthy!)

I've been drinking Arizona iced tea (because it's cheap, and, I thought, a better option than pop) and happened to glance at the ingredients list the other day and realized it had HFCS (!!!) I was totally bummed. BUT, I ran across Peace Iced Tea in a gas station the other day and was psyched to read the ingredients list and see no artificial crap or chemicals! Hopefully more places will start carrying it. I've only seen it in one place so far.

And...well...that's all I've got for you right now!

Oh! No! I forgot! Jaime guest posted at Imperfectly Beautiful the other day and told us all how to make her Felt Travel Mat! Now if I could just convince her to make it for me...LOL


Jaime @ Our Journey said...

Thanks for the "shout out" about my Felt Travel Melt tutorial! OK, I'm feeling the pressure ... I may have to whip up a few and add them to my Etsy shop! :o) Or better yet I could have my first giveaway! I'll let you know what I decide!

Glad you liked my Polish pottery selection!

Kristie said...

Rich has been loving Arizona Iced Tea lately too. I'll have to tell him about the other one you found, though I'm sure it would be even harder to find it over this way.

Is that felt travel mat the same link you had up on facebook? I so want to try that! If only I sewed more....maybe I can convince my mom to try it....LOL!