Sunday, March 28, 2010

Linky Love for 3/29

Just a couple for you today since I haven't been surfing the web as much these past couple of weeks. (because of the computer issues, which are resolved! Stay tuned!)

I thought this site was pretty neat. They take the outfits you see in popular movies and link you to more reasonably-priced look-alikes. And you can even join in and ask for an outfit you liked from a movie!

Speed Stacks. It looks fun! I'm buying a set and trying it out!


Kristie said...

I've seen a commercial where a kid does that stacking thing! I thought he was just a super fast kid, I didn't realize it was a real thing where people compete. That's really neat!

Kristie said...

I have something for you over at my blog :-)

grams said...
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lace said...

that deleted comment was me but I was signed into grams account.

I have 2 sets of speed stacks and the video if you are interested in trying them out before you purchase. I used to be able to do them. I'd have to try and remember the order you stack them.