Monday, March 1, 2010

One Thing: March

I'm still working on the GED thing. It probably would have helped if I had started earlier in the month, but finally locating a list of places offering GED/high school help is a big step in the right direction for me. Because honestly, going back to school scares me spit-less. I'm so worried I will suck LOL I'll keep you updated!

For March, I've decided to decrease sugar & carbs and increase animal fats, meats, veggies and fruits.

Did you know that carbohydrates and starches turn to sugar once you eat them?!?! I didn't until I watched Fat Head. That really explains why I have such a hard time loosing weight. I always try to limit the sugar that I eat when I want to lose weight, but I'm still normally eating a ton of rice, pasta and bread throughout the day. If all of that is turning to sugar, I'm just shooting myself in the foot.

Besides the ever hopeful weight loss goal; I'd really like to establish healthy eating patterns in the boys before they get too old. And everyone knows that veggies are a hard sell when there are pop tarts in the cupboard LOL The earlier I start cutting out crap, the better!

The main challenges for me with this one thing is going to be cost, my food budget is pretty slim at the moment and it's going to be challenging to fill every meal with meat and veggies. And variety, with a slim budget I'm not going to have alot of space to buy many different ingredients. I'm going to have to get creative with my meals...and I'm not creative when it comes to home cooking LOL I'm actually not even that hot at cooking good-tasting meat, so this will be a learning adventure for sure!

Breakfast is gonna be tough. We're a cereal family because I just am not awake enough to do anything else. I have a feeling that most of the boys' carbs will come in the form of breakfast no matter what. Hopefully I can make it a little more natural though.

Any ideas and/or recipes would be awesome!


Kristie said...

Cutting carbs is an awesome idea! I wish I could help with the recipes. It seems like everything I make has something in the way of carbs. If I come across some easy no carb meals I'll be sure to post them! :-)

Remember I'd be more than happy to help anytime with the GED classes! :-)