Friday, April 9, 2010

The Fabulous Sugar Doll Blogger Award

I gave an award to Jaime at The Clay Family and she gave me one back! LOL Jaime's so sweet! I love her family updates, pottery "combat" shopping (which I totally want to do now!) and crafts!

Jaime gave me the Fabulous Sugar Doll Award and the rules of this award are:
Tell us 10 things about yourself and pass it along to others!
So, hopefully I won't repeat something I've already told you!

1. I cannot watch scary movies or shows like Ghost Hunter at.all. I love them! But my imagination works so well that for weeks afterwards I'm peeking around my shower curtain, triple-checking locks and jumping when the boys shuffle the sheets while sleeping. I figured the boys would rather not be hiding under the table with their freaked out mama when their 13, so I banned myself LOL

2. . Working in a bookstore is one of my dream jobs. But not a run-of-the-mill bookstore like Barnes & Noble. I'd love to work in a little hole in the wall, quaint bookstore that's unique and bursting with personality.

3. I would really like to learn how to line dance. With really awesome boots and a super cute cowboy hat.

4. When it comes to cleaning, I'd rather walk into a pigsty and clean it up rather than maintain. I like the huge difference a before and after project makes.

5. My boys never cease to amaze me. The most amazing and interesting things come out of their mouths and I never expect what I hear!

6. I visited IKEA for the first time and L-O-V-E-D it! I'm certain that IKEA will be my new go-to store for everything! I just love the modern styles that they carry!

7. I HATE the high fructose corn syrup commercials (by the Corn Refiners Association, of course). I hate that companies lie about something as serious as our health just to make more money.

8. I can get really worked up over issues that bother me.

9. I am in love with dollhouses. Someday I'm going to buy one of those huge wooden dollhouses and then I'll sit and play with it for hours.

10. Ummm...I like gyros (with lamb meat and that yummy cucumber sauce).

And as far as passing it on, I don't have that big of a circle of friends yet...Kristie and Lace, here's another one for ya! ;)


Kristie said...

Thank you so much! I think I have some catching up to do-I still haven't posted the last one. I pormise to get to it one of these days! :-)

I think it's neat that you like the big need a girl so you have an excuse to buy one! ;-)