Thursday, April 1, 2010

Good Books!

I've read quite a few books over the past few, no computer weeks and instead of inundating you with book reviews, I'm just gonna give them all to you here! If you want to read the actual story-line of the book, click the links. Otherwise you'll just hear my short and sweet opinion of it :O)

by Beverly Lewis

Beverly Lewis always writes good Amish storylines. This one seemed to be alot more interesting than her last couple of fiction series'.Maybe because it doesn't revolve around a rumspringe or young love situation as much. I really want the other two books in the series though, I felt like the story had just taken off when I reached the last page.

by Robin Parrish

A very interesting science fiction novel. It grabbed my attention from the first chapter and held it to the last.

by Robert Liparulo

Deadlock follows the survivors of Robert's first book in this series, Deadfall. It was just as action-packed as the first and he had me hooked!

by Melody Carlson

I really enjoyed reading about Claudette as she learns to find her place back in her hometown. It was hilarious to read about all her attempts to do things on her own when she's always had servants to care for her. Definitely a must read no matter how old you are!

by Barbara Delinsky

Don't ask me why, but if the book involves babies or pregnancy you're almost guaranteed to have me hooked. (unless you're a really, really bad writer). I was hooked. The base of the story alone was a rather unique idea, "good" teenage girls making a pregnancy pact; but then you get Barbara's amazing writing mixed in and you've got yourself a winner. I was gettting worked up right along with everyone else in the book! LOL

by Colleen Coble

Veeeery interesting premise for an Amish book. I'm afraid to say much because I don't want to give anything away, but if you've never read or been interested in Amish fiction before - read this book! And for those of us who love Amish fiction, you can still get your fix, but with a few interesting curve balls thrown in.