Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Heard Around Town: Sandra Bullock & the Razzies

Heard Around Town
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Summary for the lazy clickers: Sandra Bullock was awarded the Razzie award for Worst Actress in her role in All About Steve. Apparently they accidentally gave her the original (expensive) 30-year-old trophy instead of the crappy $5.00 spray-painted version. The co-founder, John Wilson, tried to blame it on Sandra by saying she was in such a rush after the awards that she ran off with the original. He also explained why he decided to publicly ask Sandra for the award back: he wants to respect her privacy in the wake of her recent marital troubles.

My piece: Why do good actors get awards like this? I watched All About Steve; The storyline was a little funky, and some of the scenes were awkward, but that's not really Sandra's fault is it? I thought she did good with what was handed her. The director should be getting the Razzie for this movie, not her.

And, way to go Mr. Wilson! I applaud the common sense you used here! (that's sarcasm by the way) it makes so much more sense to tell the newspapers that Sandra ran off with an expensive award and needs to return it instead of calling her and asking! Maybe you should display the award a little differently so people know which award is real and which one is fake!


Kristie said...

I don't usually keep up with this kind of thing, but it definitely doesn't make sense for her to get an Oscar and a 'Razzie'-someone is definitely confused! LOL!