Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Kisses from Katie

Another link that is way to important to bury in Linky Love....

Kisses from Katie is an amazing blog written by a woman younger than me (I'm 25) who moved to Uganda, has adopted 14 orphaned children and is ministering to the broken and hurting through the ministry she established.
Her life challenges mine.

Her heart convicts my heart.

Her selflessness puts my selfishness to shame.

The small steps I have taken, that used to make me feel like I was doing something big, Katie makes me see that there is so much more I am to be doing.

I have not been about my Father's business.

Have you?

Please also, hop over to this link and buy a necklace from Katie's Uganda women. These ladies take magazines and turn them into beautiful necklaces, then sell them to feed their children. Their stories are the first post (April 20, 2010) at Katie's site right now. We are rich compared to them. Skip McDonald's ONE time and buy a necklace.


Kristie said...

Thank you for sharing Katie's blog. I am definitely in awe of not only what a beautiful person she is, but also how God has been using her. It's saddening, yet inspiring all at the same time.