Saturday, April 3, 2010

Life Thru a Toddler's Eye: Rough Morning

Noah woke up this morning in pieces. He's got a cold (from going outside barefoot before it was warm enough - the child doesn't listen) and his nose is stuffed up. Or running. My child gags over snot. So he's either crying because he "can't breaf!" or freaking out because snot is "in my mouf!"

And then his juice was "fucky" (funky).

He's upset because we moved our old couch out of the house in preparation for the new one that's getting delivered today, "our couch is GONE!!!" (said with tears and a deep sense of loss)

And then he was upset because one of our new hamsters (who Noah named "And the Chipmunks", yes, the other one is named "Alvin" LOL) figured out how to escape during the night and we're not sure if he's been eaten by the dog or is just hiding.

I'm so glad it's warm so I can send all of that outside to play!


Kristie said...

Poor Noah :-( Morgan and Blake have colds too.

I love the hamsters names! Too cute! :-)

We're LOVING the weather! I'm glad the kids are old enough to know to stay in the yard this year too-I don't have to be with them constantly-SO NICE! :-)