Sunday, April 25, 2010

Linky Love for 4/25

Home Library Key to Academic Success - I knew I hoarded books for some reason!

Living Simply with Shaun Groves - This is what I'm working toward...and the reason I'm working toward it as well!

And finally a quote that We Are THAT Family shared this week:

"I avoided coming to visit the poor for a long time. I was afraid my heart would be broken by their condition. Instead, today, I found my heart broken by my condition."
-Wess Stafford
(President of Compassion International)
from his book Too Small to Ignore

This reflects my feelings this past month. No, I haven't visited the poor in person, but between Kristen's Africa story, Katie's Kisses and the eye-opening to the people in my own country who are needy....I can claim this quote as my own.


Kristie said...

I would have never considered that having more books would get the kids further in school. Do kids' books count, because we have a TON of those!! LOL!

So I just need to put some 5 gallon buckets under the rain spout and I think I'll be living as simply as Shaun Groves is! LOL! I like everything he said though-he's doing it all to focus more on others and that's awesome! I definitely need to do the same.