Friday, May 21, 2010

Friday Flicks: One post, Four movies

I have managed to get quite a few newer movies from Redbox this week and didn't want to write separate posts for each of them, so here ya go! (I was really surprised that Avatar was actually available in a Redbox!)

Couples Retreat

This movie might have been good if there wasn't so much sexual content! It drove me nuts. Just lots and lots of crap...and guy humor. I didn't like the movie at all and ended up checking my e-mail and reading blogs through it.

The Messenger

Two thumbs way down. The only "good" parts were the parts where he was actually delivering the death notice to the soldiers families. Everything else was sex, language or nudity. And the whole storyline was just kinda...odd. Not worth your time.


I was actually very interested in Avatar, which surprised me, because I'm not normally a fan of action films. I liked the high-tech end of it and the romance. It was pretty cool. I didn't appreciate that the Na'vi were naked. The females especially, they had nipple stickers on and a loincloth; the blue *kinda* disguised the fact that they were nude, but still... I also did not like the two scenes where they were chanting to their god.

The Spy Next Door

Kinda cheesy, but cute! Reminded me of The Pacifier (but not as well done and, of course, Jackie Chan is not as cute as Vin Diesel!), but I did enjoy the movie and Noah laughed through the whole thing. I doubt he understood what was going on half the time, but he thought all of Jackie Chan's spy moves were great!


Kristie said...

I heard that Avatar is suppose to be like a futuristic Dances with Wolves, so the negative aspects of the movie don't surprise me. We'll probably end up seeing it one of these days.

I'm pretty sure Rich wants to see Couples Retreat too...maybe it'll be one he can watch without me ;-)