Thursday, May 6, 2010

Get Ready!

Chances are, if you've Googled for a product before, you've run across one of CSN's internet stores.

CSN has some amazing products: I like the huge variety of wall sconces they have, especially the ones that lay almost flat against the wall. I've scanned through their rugs before when I was looking for an area rug for my apartment; and did you know that they have an entire internet store dedicated to modern furnishings and accessories? I'm having a hard time staying away from that site!

(I have to mention the toy boxes, I'm a sucker for those LOL).

Keep your eyes peeled because a review and giveaway (!!!) for CSN will be popping up on my blog sometime soon - I'm excited!

In the meantime, start checking out some of their stores - I want to know what cool things you find!

CSN gave me review items in exchange for this teaser post and the upcoming review/giveaway


Kristie said...

So when I saw the title "Get Ready!" I thought you were going to show us your finger! LOL!

That's neat you get to do a review AND a giveaway! I had the option of one or the other with them.