Thursday, May 27, 2010

The Last Christian

The Last Christian
by David Gregory

From the book: A.D. 2088.

Missionary daughter Abigail Caldwell emerges from the jungle for the first time in her thirty-four years, the sole survivor of a mysterious disease that killed her village. Abby goes to America, only to discover a nation where Christianity has completely died out. A curious message from her grandfather assigns her a surprising mission: re-introduce the Christian faith in America, no matter how insurmountable the odds.

But a larger threat looms. The world's leading artificial intelligence industrialist has perfected a technique for downloading the human brain into a silicon form. Brain transplants have begun, and with them comes the potential of eliminating physical death altogether—but at what expense?

As Abby navigates a society grown more addicted to stimulating the body than nurturing the soul, she and Creighton Daniels, a historian troubled by his father's unexpected death, become unwitting targets of powerful men who will stop at nothing to further their nefarious goals. Hanging in the balance—the spiritual future of all humanity.

In this fast-paced thriller, startling near-future science collides with thought-provoking religious themes to create a spell-binding "what-if?" novel.
-taken from the official description

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From me:
The Last Christian was very.interesting. I'm a fan of story lines that take place in the future because there are always really interesting inventions. Like in this book, people have implants in their brains that help them access the internet, makes phone calls and even upload their memories so they could view them anytime they wanted!

As far as the actual storyline, it was good! The one thing that I really liked about the main character, Abigail, was the fact that she wasn't perfect. Even though she was a Christian, she made mistakes and didn't always deliver the messages the way she should have.

I liked the combination of science-fiction, mystery and just a liiiitle bit of romance! I will probably be re-reading The Last Christian again in the future because it's such an interesting book.

I received this book from Waterbrook Multnomah Publishing in exchange for my honest review. All opinions are my own.