Saturday, May 22, 2010

Life Thru a Toddler's Eye:

At the Five & Dime we visited for Noah's "coffee set". they had a Melissa & Doug vegetable stand set up with lots of different wooden vegetables displayed. The boys were checking out the bananas and then Noah picked up a peach (which he's only seen in the sliced and canned variety) and says,

"What is this Mama? Is this a butt??"

I had to clean out the fish bowl today because the boys had filled it with their dinner
(turkey, apples, shredded cheese).

Fish count: 1 live fish, 1 dead fish, 1 missing fish.

About 20 minutes after finally reassembling the bowl, Noah brought me the missing was happily swimming in the creamer bowl to his "coffee set".

I have no clue how long it had been there.

When I asked Noah, he said, "two days".



Kristie said...

LOL! That's hilarious! I can't believe the fish in the creamer dish lived! And did they think they could feed the fish scraps like they can feed the dog? Too cute! Though I probably wouldn't have thought so if I had to clean the fish tank-LOL!