Sunday, May 2, 2010

Linky Love for 5/2

For those of us who have black thumbs or no yard-space for our own cow, Local Harvest is for us! You can type in your zip code or state and find local farms, stores and CSA's near you that have fresh, organic fruits, vegetables, meat, dairy...a whole host of products! If you're trying to cut out the crap, Local Harvest is a HUGE help! (and you'll be supporting your state!)

For some birthing familes, there's no place like HOME
- Great article about home birthing. I've had both of my boys at home and it was so awesome!

What does your sleep position reveal about your personality? Go read the article and let me know if yours rings true. Mine did! (It was fetus by the way).

This Youtube video is amazing. It reminds me of something my Mom always says (my version, of course): There will always be times when we face an enemy that seems to tower above us; an enemy that is bigger than us and we can see no way to beat it. It takes up all our energy, all our time and we can see nothing beyond it. That's when we need to remember that God is on our side. He's behind us and He is so.much.bigger than that enemy.


Kristie said...

I didn't know you had home births! I would have been so scared...I was scared enough as it is-LOL!

The article about the sleeping positions is interesting. Before kids I always slept in the starfish position, but now I sleep in the fetus position or the freefall one which the description doesn't remind me of me at all (brash & outgoing)-LOL!