Wednesday, May 5, 2010

The Sharpest Knives in the World!

Well, that homemade bread of mine was a little bit of a problem today.
Instead of slicing the bread, I sliced my finger! The wrapping makes it look like I sliced half my finger off, but it's really only the end of my finger that got it. I've got stitches from the back end of my fingernail all the way around to the underside of my finger. It was very deep...if you want to know what the inside of your finger looks like...I can tell you! It makes my stomach flip just thinking about it now *shudder*

The boys were veery interested for about 5 minutes and then they asked for their bread! LOL

I'm glad Lace was already heading over to our house, otherwise I would have had to pack up the boys and take them with me and my Mom to Urgent Care!

I can take the bandage off in 2 days, I'll show picture of the cut then. I know ya'll will want to see it :P

You know you're a blogger when....the first thought after about slicing your finger off is: "Where's my camera?!?!" LOL


Kristie said...

Oh no!! My mom did the same thing on Easter, but it was iffy about weather she needed stitches and ended up not you got yourself better than she did! ;-)

LOL! I would totally have wanted to take a picture too! LOL!

Michelle @ Flying Giggles said...

Yikes! Your right, from the picture it looks like you cut a big chunk of your finger off! Isn't funny that you still found a way to type out your blog? I would have been improvising to do the same. =)