Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Busy Bees at Work and Play

Busy Bees at Work and Play

by M. Maitland DeLand

From the book: When Bambina Bee asks Momma Bee to stay home from work, mother and child set off on an adventurous journey to explore the importance (and fun) of work and play.

Letter Carrier Bee delivers the mail. Plumber Bee fixes the pipes. Doctor Bee mends you and me. Ferryboat Bee brings passengers here and there. All the busy bees work hard, but they enjoy what they do.

And when work is over at the end of the day, Busy Bees always have time for play.

With warm, intriguing illustrations and a lively text, Busy Bees at Work and Play is the perfect book to introduce young readers to the importance of work for mothers, fathers, and the entire community. These captivating characters will dispel any child’s anxiety about their parent’s careers and time commitments. Learning about different kinds of work will inspire young and old alike to appreciate their neighbors and fill their lives with engaging and rewarding activities. Bambina Bee smiles at the end of the day, because Busy Bees balance their work and their play. -taken from the official synopsis found here.

From me: This was a really cute story. Momma Bee would tell Bambina Bee what each bee does for work and then she asks what they do to play; the boys had to search the page for the leisure item that was in their toolbox or on a shelf. They had fun looking for the items. I liked that the story rhymed. It alsways makes it funner to read 50 million kids books if you can get a good flow going :) After I read the book to them, the boys started buzzing around my house like bees LOL I think this book will end up on our "favorites" shelf for sure!


I was given this book in exchange for my review. All opinions are my own.