Thursday, June 24, 2010



By Jason Garrett

From the book: On a perfect autumn night in the coastal village of Wicker Bay, a young couple was attacked and a life was forever changed. When teenager Nickel Warren awoke she learned her boyfriend, Eric, had mysteriously vanished. Seemingly the only person on Bishop's Island eager to find him, Nickel devoted her life to learning what happened to her first love on that tragic night. Though the years provided no clues or comfort, she never allowed herself to stop believing Eric was alive.

Now, after an eighteen year absence Eric Kade has resurfaced on Bishop's Island under circumstances as unsettling as his disappearance. Though reunited, Nickel's search for answers is sidelined by another horrific event more deeply connected to her childhood sweetheart than she can imagine. Living as a preacher, Eric has traveled the world for nearly two decades hunting demons in a sect named The Progeny. But a chilling prophecy has named him as a threat and turned his fellow hunters against him.

With a sense of urgency, Eric has come back to the island not to rekindle the past but to protect the home he loves from an oncoming war. Relying on the help of a rare group of locals, he builds a network of his own to defend the unknowing against a world he has come to know too well. As he works to prepare a haven, Eric will strengthen his bond with Nickel and introduce her to a world of miraculous events and unholy terror.
-taken from description on back of book

From me: While any book where you find yourself in the middle of a fictional "world" can be a little hard to understand...I found this book to be especially difficult. From the very beginning I felt lost. I had no clue what anyone was talking about, conversations were not clearly defined (who was talking? Sometimes I had no clue.) and people quickly hopped in and out of the pages with little introduction. I struggled to remember names and how they fit into the story.

Something else that I really struggled with was how weeks would go by and there really was no indication of that. I honestly thought, for most of the book, that the events took place in just a week or so. Near the end of the book some information was shared that make me realize we were looking at a time-frame of weeks, not days. I would have enjoyed reading about some things as they happened instead of as an after-thought.

This is the author's first book so you have to cut him some slack for that. He's taken on quite the subject matter here. The potential is definitely there; The writing just needs to flow a little better and there needs to be more descriptions and explanations. When you're writing about a "fantasy" world, you really can't skip over information and assume the readers know what you're talking about, because they probably don't.

There will be a sequel to this book and, even though I struggled through Homecoming, it's pretty much guaranteed that I will read the next. After I got my bearing in the story, I really did enjoy reading it and there is the slightest hint of mystery around Eric, the main character. There are quite a few questions I want answered!

I was given this book in exchange for my honest review. All opinions are my own.