Monday, June 7, 2010

One Thing: June

I missed a month! I was so distracted by so many different happenings that I completely forgot to post my One Thing! Do you want to know what it was?

Eating as a family, at the table, at least once a day.

Now that the boys are getting older, and talking more, it's so important to have a set family time. It seems breakfast is going to be that time for us. I'm a slow-poke in the morning and like to sit down with my coffee and just be for awhile. Instead of plopping on the couch, I grab a stool and watch the boys eat. I think they are enjoying having my...somewhat...full attention. I like it too!

SO, on to June!

I've decided to establish a bedtime routine for the boys. And actually, it's like five One Things rolled into one. I want their bedtime routine to include: them brushing their teeth, me reading them a passage from the Bible and a chapter from a book (we started Charlotte's Web) then prayers (I pray and then they each get a turn to tell Jesus whatever they want) and then into bed no later than 9:30!

We've already started this routine and, when I stick with it, they go to bed much quicker and more calmly. PLUS, I am able to teach them about Jesus and also get our reading time in. I love it and I think the boys do to!

What is your One Thing going to be this month?