Sunday, July 18, 2010

Linky Love for 7/18

My First Autobahn - the coolest road tape eva! (and they have a ton of other cool stuff too, browse!)

Charitable Creations Jewelry
- this online store has some great personalized jewelry, and it's very reasonable!! (I have a list for my birthday and Christmas already LOL)

A solution for the book rippers of the family, and it's genius!

I love the quote below. A friend shared it on Facebook; she found it at

Today could be one of the best days of our entire lives.

Today could be the day our patience overtakes our impatience – for good.

Today could be a day we make memories my children will laugh and talk about for 50 years.

Today could be a day God uses us to change someone’s life – forever.

Let’s take seriously our opportunity to prepare our children for the wonders of Today.


Odie Langley said...

Good words of wisdom Alexia and how important it is to help our children grasp the truth that only comes from God. My girls are 26, 36 & 41 this year but I have 2 grandsons 2 & 4. Keep the good stuff coming girl.