Sunday, August 1, 2010

Staying Hydrated in Style!

After a long and costly search, I have finally settled on a water bottle that I love. I definitely have not tried all the ones I've wanted to (and am not opposed to reviewing new ones *hint, hint*), but here are my top two picks, so far.

The Thermos 24-Ounce ROHO Hydration Bottle

Price: $14.99
Designs: 12

The Good:
Stainless Steel. Cute designs. One hand, push button opening.

The Bad:
The opening is like that of a cup so it's not ideal for when you're on the move. If you position your mouth just right, you're golden, but I've spilled quite alot of water down my front trying to drink and drive.

Final Word:
I do love the design (it's alot brighter IRL) and the push button operation. It's a nice change from sports tops and straws. I'm keeping it around for drinking water at home!

Gaiam 700mL Stainless Steel Water Bottle

I cannot find the link to my water bottle anywhere! (I took a pic of it instead). I purchased this water bottle from Target, and I've searched multiple websites and cannot find ANY of the super cute designs that Target had!

Price: $14.99 (Target) $16.00-$17.00 (Amazon)
Designs: 4 online; I've seen 4 more designs in store.

The Good:
Spill-proof. Stainless Steel. Touch-less flip straw.

The Bad:
If you're super thirsty, it's gonna take some mighty strong sucking to get a large amount of water in a short amount of time. I can also see the silicone(??) spout being a problem to clean eventually.

Final Word:
L-O-V-E it! The design is super cute, the shape is perfect for my hand and I can use it while cleaning...without touching the straw or chewing up a sports top trying to get it open. This is my go-to bottle for the foreseeable future and I would even invest in multiples, just in case I lose one. I definitely do not want to be without it!

Stay tuned for my top picks for kids water bottles next week!


Odie Langley said...

Good Morning Alexia & happy Monday.
I must say I like your's much better that the one I use. Mine is stainless steel but has a screw off cap that takes a lot of turning and the opening is a large enough that I too have spilled some down my front. I have been dealing with it but may opt for one Like you have soon. Thanks

Jaime @ Our Journey said...

Ok, these are cute ... I envy your water bottles!

Thanks for the nice comment on the toddler wallet!