Wednesday, August 11, 2010

True DIY

These are the things that need to be done around here:

  • Weather stripping is missing from around my front door (There are puddles of water on my wood floor every time it rains - also, frogs)
  • The dog broke the slide off of the boys play set (don't ask), needs brackets (so my grandpa says)
  • My car needs an oil change
  • My bathtub needs that white seal around the edges so water doesn't go under my floor.
  • There's an extra hole in my kitchen sink (where the sprayer is supposed to be) and I need to put something there so water doesn't run down into the cabinet when I'm washing dishes (the sprayer is attached to the faucet somehow, leaving me a spare hole)

Now, all of these things are typically done by a person of the male persuasion.

Me? I'm on my own.

My pastor is great about helping out (especially since we live right in front of him), but since my prospects (for marriage) are rather dim...I need to learn to do these things myself!

Wish me luck - tomorrow I start Google-ing and You-Tubing!


Odie Langley said...

If I were closer I would definately lend a hand Alexia but alas I am in NC and wishing you well in you adventure. Just take on one thing at a time and it won't seem so intimidating. Good luck and have an awesome day.

Angela said...

Once you're done with all that, come on over to my place. I've got all kinds of things you can do!!!! ;-)