Thursday, September 9, 2010

River Rising

River Rising
by T.P. Jones

From the book: In the third and final installment of The Loss of Certainty trilogy, T. P. Jones once again delves into America's heartland to portray the gritty drama of life in the Midwest. Constant rains on top of melting winter snow fuel fears of a record flood in Jackson, Iowa. Construction of the town's dog track on an island in the Mississippi River is jeopardized, threatening Jackson's financial future. Even more ominous, city officials learn that the existing floodwall and levee system might fail to protect the city itself.

With little time to lose, the people of Jackson must set aside old grievances and long-held prejudices to work together. Tensions build while they debate whether to add to the system, and as they argue, the river continues to rise.

From me: I had two things against me while reading this book: Somehow I missed the fact that there were a lot of politics involved in these books (I'm not really a politics kind of girl) and it was, unfortunately, not a stand-alone book. I was a little lost (okay, alot) for quite awhile, and the author definitely does not remind you of anything that has happened in previous books. BUT when it was all said and done, the story was written well and I was interested. I think I would like River Rising a lot better if I had started with the first book though :)

Thanks to Phenix & Phenix Publicists for offering a copy of this book in exchange for my honest review of it.


Odie Langley said...

Thanks Alexia, it helps to have an opinion before picking these books up.