Sunday, October 17, 2010

Linky Love for 10/17

BillShrink - Need a cheaper cell phone plane, more affordable cable, a lower interest credit card or cheap gas? Bill Shrinks for you! It compares your current plans with those available to you and lets you know where the best deal is at. Waaaay easier than researching yourself! (Oh, savings and CD's too).

Feeding Young Materialists - "Contemporary Christians may pride themselves on the fact that there are no literal golden calves sitting in our midst. But the subtle draw of idolatry weaves itself in and through us without us ever knowing it. . ."

Seeking Simplicity: Child's Play is a job well done
- another post that just resonates with me.

If you care and you try... - Encouragement!

When you're dying to live radical: Fight the Middle Ground - Wow. Just Wow. If I could print this post off and hang it on my wall, I would.


Jaime @ Our Journey said...

LOVE the links in your post; the Seeking Simplicity post gave me chills reading it. So true!

I hope you get your chance to visit London someday! Yes, definitely give yourself plenty of time to explore!

Thanks again for staying up with my blog even though my posts have unfortunately become less frequent. :o)

Odie Langley said...

Another great group of links girl and really makes you think. Will go back later and dig deeper. Linda and I will be leaving in a little while for Norfolk to board the Carnival glory for our week of relaxation and renewal. I will be able to stay in touch so I will be posting from the ship. May not be able to upload photos but will stay in touch anyway. Have a great rest of the weekend.